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Terms of Service

By using Cobra Media, you automatically agree to these Terms, so you should first read them carefully.
If you do not wish to accept all Terms, please do not use our service.

You use Cobra Media at your own risk.

It is your sole responsibility to read and obey Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter's rules and any legislation that you are subject to.

We are not responsible by any actions or consequences placed by any of the aforementioned social media platforms. The expected amount of followers, likes and comments are not guaranteed in any way.
We bring the attention of real users to your feed, but we cannot protect you from spam, fake, or inactive followers.

We require your social media username and password to obtain required information for each social platform's API.
We do not share your password with third parties. Your account credentials will be used for Cobra Media purposes only.
It is your responsibility to contact us informing us of any changes to your login credentials.

Cobra Media is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any Instagram/Twitter third-party partners in any way.

Due to the use of private servers, we cannot guarantee the impossibility of down time.

You agree that upon purchasing our service, that you clearly understand and agree what you are purchasing and will not file a fraudulent dispute.

When you apply to use our services, you give us the rights to your growth data, as well as the ability to share statistics from your growth on our website and social media platforms.

We reserve the right to modify or suspend the whole or any part of our services or any of its content at any time without notice. 

Cancellation Policy:

Purchases and recurring purchases will not be refunded.

You MUST cancel your service yourself by e-mailing us here. Contacting Cobra Media on social media will not cancel your service. 

It is your responsibility to check whether the Terms have changed.

Please read these Terms carefully, and contact us if you have any questions. 

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