Testimonials & Case Studies


Shayna Ferm Bryan, CCO
Band of Mothers Media

Kilane is a social media ninja. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the constant shifts/algorithms/trends in every digital media channel and takes the initiative to suggest solutions and strategies that have been beyond valuable to our company.

Alongside her unique skills, she is a trustworthy and passionate member of our team and carries a healthy dose of perfectionism. We have never doubted her competence and have benefited greatly from her ideas and collaborative nature. She is willing to take on immense challenges and problem-solves with integrity and creativity. We are lucky to have found her.


Tracey Tee, CEO
Band of Mothers Media

If you were looking to hire on work ethic alone, Kilane should be ushered in without hesitation. Beyond what I believe to be a somewhat supernatural ability to work at lightening speed, Kilane is the whole package: totally dialed in to social media and constantly learning ahead of the curve, brilliant copywriter, excellent graphic designer, consistent with reports, meticulous with a budget, naturally creative but also analytic and skilled at breaking down a project's details and needs so that it can move along quickly and with few hiccups, follows direction well but also offers excellent suggestions to help the company, and she's funny and kind to boot. She's a rare diamond in a world of lukewarm social media "experts" - probably because she's moving faster than the lot of them.


Michael Hineline, Owner

Float Brothers Float Spa

Float Brothers, Float Spa of Destin, FL would like to highly recommend Kilane Hacia & Cobra Media, LLC. We have worked alongside Cobra Media for social media, graphic design, e-mail marketing, brand awareness and overall business development. Kilane is an ambitious soul with experience far beyond her years. Cobra Media has created vast value for Float Brother that originally started with a 90 day contract that is now passing the 6 month mark. She can respond in real time and also make adjustments to a well thought out social media schedule. She has spent her career understanding this space and given the right motivation she will go above and beyond for her clients. She is diligent, poignant, highly intelligent and certainly talented. 

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We create memes that resonate with our represented brand's target audiences. This meme was shared organically over 29,000 times. With a vastly increased audience, we were able to increase sales by simply adding a link to our inventory in the copy while spending nothing out of pocket.

Sold Out Events


On numerous occasions, we have sold out shows significantly under budget by utilizing custom audiences. These ads were optimized for event responses so that friends of the user would be notified of interest. Those who marked themselves "interested" or "going" would also be notified by Facebook that they had an upcoming event one week prior to the event date.
We were also able to communicate directly with these users with updates on venue capacity, low ticket warnings, etc. to drive urgency.

Leveraging Memes to Increase Sales