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Christopher Garret (Director of Operations) - Left

Kilane Garrett (Owner) - Right

The concept of Cobra Media came to Kilane in a dream on a work retreat in Colorado in 2020, she drew the logo on a napkin on a trip back home to Fort Walton Beach, FL and never looked back.

While Cobra is only two years old, Kilane has worked in digital marketing for a decade - starting off as an SEO copywriter for automotive dealerships in 2011. Kilane has also expanded to other industries like juvenile, real estate, events, app development amongst others. Kilane is a jack of all trades - a registered Apple and iOS developer, Facebook Blueprint certified, and Google Ads certified. In 2021 she was also named one of United Way Emerald Coast's 40 Under 40.

Christopher Garrett has also spent ten years in the automotive industry and has operated as the Store Director for brands ranging from Chrysler to Maserati. Chris is a passionate about all things data and manages the operational side of Cobra Media.

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Facebook Blueprint

Google Creative

Google Ads Search

Google Ads Display

Google Ads Video

Google Ads Measurement

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